Student council is hosting the Bison Field Festival for the first time ever

This year to celebrate the end of another successful year of high school, one last event together will take place. It’s not the usual “Last Chance Dance”, but something a little different and more easygoing and casual.
The Bison Field Festival is taking place on June 2nd from 6:30pm to 9:00pm. Everyone is welcome to participate in this social event displaying the excitement surrounding Summer. There is no need to dress up for this event; street clothes are perfectly acceptable.
Food will be available at the festival for students who wish to have hamburgers hot off the grill. There will be different yard games such as; Frisbee, ladder golf, and bean bags set up on the field, along with a chance for students to win a Go Pro if they wish to put their name in a drawing for $2 a ticket. It used to be that the Track team was in charge of heading up the dance, and now the responsibility has been moved to the shoulders of Student Council, so it’s turned into a simple grill and chill party in the new football stadium.
In past years the final event of the school year was a formal dance held in the main gym, but due to the newly added football field on the BHS campus, student council decided it would be best to host a casual get together outdoors with a Summer grill out feel.
It seems like maybe this will be more comfortable for students, so that they don’t have to go through the trouble of buying a new formal outfit and dressing up, only to move around a hot, stuffy gym when they could be outside in the nice weather.

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