Another Referendum?

On Tuesday Novemer 3, the BHM District 877, had its third levy vote in two years. The polls were at the Buffalo Community Middle School and they were open from 7 a.m. to 8p.m.

Senior Emily Anderson voting Photo by Rachel Etter
Senior Emily Anderson voting Photo by Rachel Etter

The superintendent Jim Bauck proposed a recommendation to the school board to renew the current levy and keep funding equal and not to add any new funding. This new levy if passed would not add any new taxes but will keep BHM stable with where they are at and make it easier on the district.  So that they would not have to do any extra funding and they don’t have to worry about the money they are getting from the state.

“The renewal will provide budget stability for the district to the degree we can control locally, without increasing taxes,” Bauck said, “In over 30 years in education, I have never seen state funding so unstable.”

The levy was passed with much ease. The vote was not even close to being turned down. This will make it so much easier on the district and probably a lot less stressful for them too. They can keep the schools running smoothly and the way they did this last year even after all the cuts and increases in fees. Since the state funding is down the district still has a safety blanket.

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