Music In Buffalo High School

OrchestraVery few people in our society achieve high levels of musical performance. Of the thousands of young people who begin to learn a musical instrument every year, most young people ditch instrumental study within a few years. Many people believe that that there is some inherited talent for music that sets a small number of people apart from birth, and destines them for musical excellence. According to this belief, the reason why the majority of people fail to make progress on an instrument is that they lack this special gift.

Buffalo High School offers Jazz Band, Marching Band, Choir, BHS Singers, Treble Singers, Concert Choir, Orchestra, and the One Act Play. The Drumline got cut last year from the school. There is a desire for more opportunities for students to excel in their musical ability in the school. Some people desired additional opportunities for lyric training in a seminar of some sort, so that they can learn how to make a deeper connection to the music.

“I wish there were more lyric writing classes. Something that at least helps songwriters  develop themselves individually and learn valuable writing techniques.” said Junior Kayla Asplund.

There are others who are looking for a more technical aspect to the production side of music. Matt Blizel, a Junior at Buffalo High School is looking for just this.

“I would be after school every day if we had more technology based audio engineering courses in the school. Not even anything too advanced just a class that gives experience to students wanting to learn more about the recording process.”

All of them love their Music Directors, Mike Walsh, Scott Rabehl, Mike Knutson, but they would like more opportunities to jump to a higher level of their talents and gifts.

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