Palmer’s Big Goals for 2017 Track Season

Monday March 13th held the first practice of the 2017 high school track and field season, and it’s already sprinting into action. With 140 students signed up, the athletes are ready to hopefully bring Buffalo to state.

With such a high number of track students, head coach Scott Palmer states that trying to get everyone on board and doing the same thing is sometimes challenging, but he says there are positives to being coach.

“Just being able to work with kids and help them set goals and try to work to attain those goals.”

Palmer has some big goals for his athletes this season, and is looking forward to helping along the way.

“To trying to build a close and tight knit team, being able to see kids improve over the course of the year, and help them try to reach their goals…That’s what I’m looking forward to.”

But his goals don’t stop there.

“You know the big goal is to come together as a close-knit team, also, you know help them reach their goals. We always try to improve upon past performances in certain meets even though we can’t control what other schools have, and ultimately to we want to try to qualify as many kids to the state meet as we possibly can. Have a good representation from Buffalo.”

Palmer’s idea of a close-knit team continues when he tells about wanting to have leaders emerge, and doing activities together.

“You know and one of the things we are doing is going to Feed My Starving Children, trying as a group, and stuff like that. We have kinda warmed up, boys team, and girls team to try to allow for leaders from both sides to develop instead of just having one person. We’ll do some different things along the way, hopefully we can do some spaghetti dinners, and things like that where we can be together.”

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