Proceeding Forward

On Thursday October 29th at the Willmar Golfcourse 14 cross country teams gathered to start off there sections race which included a 5K(3.1 miles) run.The Buffalo Bison Boys team ended up taking 4th overall and the Girls ended up taking 3rd overall.  With 3 contestants advancing onto State.

The boys has finished with and overall score of 131 points which put them 42 points off from Willmar who had an overall score of 89, who also took 1st and are now advancing as a team onto state. The girls finished with an overall score of 110 points which put them 30 points off from Shakopee who had an overall score of 80 points, who also took 1st and advancing them onto state as a team. Sophomore Matthew Dietrich had a 7th placing time of 17:20.9 putting him in the top 10 scores and advancing onto state for the first time. Along with Dietrich, Seniors Jacqueline Thaemert and Megan Ackerman had a placing time of 15:55.9 (Thaemert) 5th, and 16:03.1 (Ackerman) 9th, sending them both to state qualifying in top 10.

“No matter how hard it is, if your mind is in the right place you can do it,” said Ackerman.

The state Cross Country meet was help at St.Olaf College, Northfield on November 7th. Buffalo did not end up making it to the State Meet as a team, boys or girls. The run consisted of a 5k and accounted 156 girls and 160 boys who eligibly completed. Dietrich ended up taking 97th/160 male runners with a time of 17:19.0.Ackerman ended with a finishing time of 16:40.7, placing her 121st/156 runners. Thaemert ran a time of 15:55.7 which ended her in a placing spot of 58th/156 female runners.

“Since it was my first year on the team and making it to state felt great. State went okay, and next year I ope to do way better than I did this year,” said Dietrich.

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