Juniors Get Ready to Take on Senior Year

As Buffalo High School seniors begin to wrap up their final years as high schools, juniors take on the responsibility of becoming next year seniors. Being a senior has its advantages such as being able to sit front row at every sporting event, senior skip day, wearing black on class color day, and all the others. Although senior year is full of memories and great times with your friends, it’s also your last of everything.

“Senior year will be crazy. It’s the last time you will ever see some people and your last time to experience events (prom, football games, etc) as a highschooler,” Junior Lucie Goede explained.  

Senior year may sound incredible and have many advantages but it may not be what most juniors expect.

“I had more fun my junior year, senior year is stressful and it’s a lot of pressure to find a college to go to. You are taking classes just to fill your schedule and you’re ready to just be done,” said Senior Madison Meeker.

A few juniors can already relate to Meeker and are looking forward to the end of their high school experience.

“Senior year sounded more exciting freshman year. Now, I realized it’s not that big of a deal. I’m just excited to be one step closer to being out of here,” said Junior Ella Shuherk.

Despite juniors outlook on senior year, they need to realize the time is coming sooner than later. Their responsibilities change on their first last day of school. Underclassman look up to seniors and watch what they do, If the upcoming juniors aren’t respectful role models it changes the way they think they can act.

“No matter all of the responsibilities and pressure senior year has, you definitely get closer with your grade and make many new memories. Overall juniors should be excited to experience their last year as a high school,” said Meeker.

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