Covert Communications : Phone Usage in class.

Many students can’t control the impulse to use their phones in class, so they find the most ridiculous ways of hiding them and using them to not get caught. Most students are aware of the average forms of hiding, under the table to restrict sight, next to a book so they can appear to be reading, using it between their legs so they can sit on it when a teacher walks by. This is one of the biggest frustrations for teachers who have to handle the situation.

Many students feel like the teachers act unjustly ,”Some are really, really evil, I was on my phone for a second and I got shouted at and had it taken away.” Other students have gotten so good that they don’t get caught. “I hold my phone in my pocket and text without looking.” said junior Max Walker, and others it is much easier,” I just hold it out in front of me.” said sophomore Bobby Brady, “ The teacher doesn’t care.”  Many teachers will give warnings to those who are obviously using their phones often, and on very rare cases they get fed up and go to the next level, one day back when phones were flip phones a shop teacher who will remain unnamed finally got fed up with a student, and took his phone and smashed it in a vice grip, the next day he got a phone call from the kids parents, thanking him for breaking the phone because they were tired of him being on it.

Now episodes like this are every rare and usually end up with someone getting fired, but not in this case. Sometimes when students get caught they get annoyed with the teacher trying to confiscate their device,” One time in Homecoming week I came to school in purple spandex short shorts, and I was using my phone in class when the crabby sub walked up to me and demanded my phone, well as she was walking over I slid it into my

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Jim Ostvig

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