Marching Band Season Begins

Last summer the marching band went on a trip to Boston, Massachusetts to perform in a parade. Many of last years herd members are excited to come back for yet another summer of practicing to perfect their march and songs, so they can show off all of their hard work at the parades they will be traveling to this marching band season.
“It’s hard work but it’s fun” said Emma Forcier about marching band.
Hannah Zimmerman another marcher for the Herd said she does marching band, ”Because I like band and it’s a good environment to be in, I love the people and I love the directors.”
Serena Tupper said her favorite part of marching band was the parades “because you get to show off all of your hard work.”
One of the first parts of the marching band season is sweat week, which is five days during which the first half of the day is spent practicing their music and the second half is spent in the “Grinder” where they practice their step size and formation.
Marching Band is a huge part of many of its members summers.They hope to have a great summer like last year.
”It’s lots of fun and it’s a good thing to do in the summer. It’s a good way to be with friends.” Said Jonah Schmitz about the band.

Alec Wakefield

Current member of the DREAM TEAM, and co-founder of the Gouda Ghetto.

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