BHS Students Achieve Academic Excellence

Buffalo High School recognized its academically talented students last night with an enormous ceremony in the PAC on Monday, May 16th. The evening included Seniors Jonathan Miller and Allie Palmer being awarded the 2016 Hall of Fame Award, as well as Juniors Becky Horak and Jack Soden receiving the ExCEL award.

With so many people recognized though, the entire PAC was filled with all ranges of family members, to the point where people who weren’t there so early had to sit in the Orchestra and Choir rooms, watching on setup screens with audio played from speakers. That alone is enough to show just how many students have high GPAs and who have parents and family that care so much, too.

But taking out the variable of families and friends, just how many people there were the ones who actually made the GPA requirement? How many students made the cut?

In each grade level, students were called to the stage if they met the GPA level stipulated according to their grade.

148 Freshman met the minimum of at least a 3.80 GPA
103 Sophomores met the minimum of at least a 3.80 GPA.
85 Juniors met the minimum of at least a 3.75 GPA.
118 Seniors met the minimum of at least a 3.70 GPA.

Over all, 454 BHS students met their grade’s GPA standard.

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