AP Classes versus CIS Classes

It’s no secret that taking an AP class AND getting credit requires you to take a half day long test. The alternative requires you to go through a CIS class with your end grade in that class being the future grade in the college class. Calculus teacher Carlton Urdahl says that “the AP test forces you to remember the source materiel for a long time which may help to remember it”. He also said that he would not change to CIS teaching as he “has nothing against CIS, but AP is ‘stronger’ as a class.” Statistic teacher Joel Peterson, on the other hand, is changing his 3-quarter AP Statistics class into a 2-quarter CIS class next year.  Mr. Peterson wants his class to become a CIS class because it will be far easier for students to get college credit. The reasoning behind such a claim is that students have a hard time with a three quarter class broken away from the test. Another reason is that as a 2 quarter class, significantly more students will be able to fit it into their schedule.

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