Summer is Coming…

Fading out of darkness, a constant rumble can be heard around the block. Loud and noisy, it is only added to by laughs of glee that occasionally accompany the constant sound of wheels on asphalt. Four boys fly down the hill, laughing and doing tricks as they make their way down the hill.

The scene changes to a boat zipping across the water, tugging at the arms of younger teenage girl on a wakeboard. Skipping from wave to wave, her smile only emphasizes the utter delight she finds in being flung behind a boat at 45 miles per hour, even with the slight discomfort in her arms as hold on desperately.

Again the scene changes, but this time it feels different. No laughing can be heard, no smiles can be seen. A sense of bitterness can not only be seen on this person’s face, but seems to emanate through the inside of their car. Looking at the clock, a scowl comes across their face as they fully realize the time. It’s 7:00 AM on a Saturday, they should be sleeping in, but work calls. Reluctantly, they pull their keys from the ignition, open the car door, get out, only to close it once again, and only then do they walk into their first day of their Summer job.

It’s unbelievable sometimes, what you may hype up to be amazing, but then someone else may see that same thing and dread it. Summer is only one of many of those things, and it is just around the corner, bringing varying emotions with it. For some people it brings feelings of joy and freedom, meanwhile for others, it brings a feeling of dread as they have to return to Summer jobs or various tasks now added to their already busy plate.

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Carter Barton

Artist Journalist Streamer Esports Player

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