Breaking the Silence

A group gather in the black box theater, and all is silent. At exactly 2 o’clock, a red-headed pony-tailed teacher walks to the front of the crowd and claps three times, and the theater explodes with noise, a noise which remains for a solid minute and is only silenced by a teacher’s call for attention.
Once English teacher Amy Sparks gained the attention of the students in the theater, she swiftly passed the baton to three students who set it all up; Junior Brandon Bednarek, Senior Emma Maxson, and Senior Belle Wanke. The three inquire of the crowd what the crowd’s experience being silent was like, and many of the crowd had bad experiences with people bullying them by trying to make them talk.
Sparks summed up the opinion of the crowd by saying, “Silence is like a wound, if left alone for too long it will fester.”
Not everyone was terrible to those involved, as the group mentioned several examples of people being nice to them. They also mentioned that the fact the teachers were allowing them to do the day of silence in the school should be a thing to be celebrated. The overall message of the day of silence was a metaphor for anti-bullying, and the consensus was that no one likes to not speak.

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