Is Bison Time a waste of time?

During the last 20 minutes of school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, students make their way to their Bison Time. Students have the opportunity to select Bison Times that fit their interests or just allow them to spend quiet time reading or studying. The majority of students polled believed that Bison Time should be eliminated or replaced by AAA every day of the week.

While, Bison Time is supposed to be a time at the end of the school day where students can go do something they enjoy or finish up some homework for the last 20 minutes of the school day, many students end up socializing with their friends for these 20 minutes instead of doing something productive.

“I like [Bison Time],” said Senior Natalie Peyer,”because if you have to get work done then you can do it then and because I don’t want extra time in all my classes.”

“My Bison time is Men’s Volleyball and I like it because, usually you don’t have enough people to just make a men’s team by yourself,” said Sophomore Noah Raisanen.

A lot of times students will use Bison Time as a time to get extra help with one of their classes if they are struggling or they use it as a time to wind down at the end of the day.

However, Sophomore Bree Michl supports getting rid of Bison Time in favor of a consistent AAA schedule.

“I don’t like my Bison Time one bit,” Michl said. “I think that we need to switch to AAA all week. That way if I have work I need to get done for a different class I am able to go there without being marked absent, or going through the hassle of letting my Bison Time teacher know.”

Currently, teachers are considering making an update to the daily schedule and the way Bison Time and AAA works. These changes will happen when the new daily schedule takes effect next Fall.

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