Skipping Class; Is it Worth It?

Skipping class has been a right of passage for rebellious teens for as long as anyone can remember but why do they do it? We took to the halls at Buffalo High School to find out.

According to a survey taken of 115 9th-12th grade students 22% of students at Buffalo High School, which is about 1 in every 5 students, have skipped class at least once with the most skipped class being math. We turned to the students to find out why they skip class.

“Usually when I skip class it’s because I am tired or unprepared for a test” said an anonymous BHS sophomore.

The stigma that surrounds skipping is generally negative, with most people thinking it’s only the “bad kids” that skip, but a lot of the time they’re skipping class to study for a test, or because they are tired from staying up late and competing in sports or activities.

Some of the consequences of skipping class include; getting behind in class, loss of senior privileges, the inability to mentor junior and senior year, and in some cases legal action.

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