BHS Students Share Common Coping Methods

All of us live such different lives; we have our own individual hobbies, friends, beliefs and personalities. From these individual lives we all carry with us our own worries and troubles.

Whether you are aware of how you do so or not, everyone copes with these stressors in life in some way or another.

Here at BHS students surprisingly relieve their stress in many similar ways. In fact, a survey taken by 270 of our schools kids showed that roughly 73% of students relieved stress by simply listening to music.

In August of 2015, New York University researched what stresses high school kids and how they cope with the anxiety that comes with being a child in today’s culture.

Things like academic, athletic, social and personal challenges all play a part in the chronic stress that children can seemingly not escape.

Experts who conducted this study found one of the most impactful methods of dealing with this stress was substance usage. What was interesting about this was that for the this form of relaxation usually did not become a problem or reach a point to where the use harmed the user.

Here in our own school, 8% of respondents willingly stated that one way they relieve stress is by using prescription medication, tobacco, alcohol or marijuana.

There were many various ways in which students coped with their troubles, in both positive and negative ways.

The most common way besides listening to music was physical activity in the form of running, lifting or practicing/playing their sport of choice.

Asides from that though students commonly chose to eat away their problems, enjoy the comfort of a good nap and the oh so popular Netflix binge.

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