New Stadium Construction

The district recently passed a 33 million dollar bond. A major part of the bond is going to the new stadium that will begin construction over the summer and is scheduled to be completed in the Fall of 2016 Not all the money is going to the stadium; the bond is also going to a new gym, upgrading new computers, putting some new surveillance cameras in, and a bunch of smaller projects, so they will make the school a better and safer place.

Activities director on assignment, Tom Bauman’s job when it comes to all of the projects is that he’s the one that looks at everything to see if everything is where and how it should be. They made a redesign of the whole set up for the stadium which is almost finished. It will take at least nine months to finish all of the work that is being done for all of the fields. They are starting construction the summer of 2015, but the finished product won’t be done until the fall of 2016.

“ I’m not always in charge when it comes to the stadium. Sometimes the guy I work with he is more in charge in some of the spots. I know more when it comes to the athletic part and how we would want it to look, and he is more stronger when it comes to the actual construction  designing part,” said Bauman.

Bauman has said that teachers have been generally supportive about the stadium. The main staff that care about the new field because they are the ones that will be coaching on it. The teachers that don’t coach a sport or don’t really coach a sport that is going out on the stadium, they don’t mind it. They think that it’s a good idea to start upgrading, but it doesn’t really affect them.

“Teachers are always supportive with all of the decisions that happen at our school, because everyone just excepts each other since they know how it will benefit each other in the end of the day,” said Bauman.

With all the fields being built right next to each other, the schools attentions with that is to have students being around the school more.  People wouldn’t really have to chose one sport to go to, they would be able to bounce back and forth with the stuff going on around here. If there was a baseball game and a lacrosse game people would be able to watch part of both. Which would cause them people to support and show up to more sporting events going on that day. Their might be still some games at the middle school, but that will be optional for the coaches to decided.

“I really hope that when the new stadium gets built that more people with hang around the school longer. For homecoming I think that it will be easier for the fun night, because then people can walk over to the school instead of drive. The students will still be able to do their tailgating thing like they always have been doing,” said Bauman.

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