Passion Series: Rebecca Kohnen

A new-found hobby is always exciting, but usually only lasts a couple of years or so. Senior, Rebecca Kohnen found her hobby in 7th grade but for her, it’s more than just a hobby. Photography is her passion.

“I started getting into photography when I was in 7th grade. My class at my old school, Salem Lutheran, took a trip to Washington DC. Every single day we were there I had to buy a new memory card because i was taking so many pictures,” said Kohnen

Going on that trip was the point when Kohnen realized photography is something she wants to continue with, and be successful in.

“The minute I got home, I sat and went through every picture and edited them. That’s when I first realized I wanted to be a photographer,” explained Kohnen.

As time went on, Rebecca’s passion for photography didn’t fade. She had her mind set on continuing to take and edit pictures.

“When i got into high school the first thing I did was ask my counselor if there were any photography classes. My sophomore year i took visual tech and my junior year I took yearbook. In yearbook my junior year I would take pictures whenever I had the chance. The summer after my junior year I took a few of my friends senior pictures and also my own. Then during my senior year, McCallum made me and four others the photography editors on the 2015 yearbook staff, with that I got the chance to take so many pictures and learn new techniques from the other photographers,” said Kohnen

Rebecca also has plans in mind for her journey with photography after high school.

“This summer I am doing an online photography program through the New York Institute of Photography and I am working on getting a studio,” explained Kohnen.

Kohnen’s journey with photography shows that when you find something you’re passionate about, go for it. It doesn’t always come easy though. Often times people spend the majority of their lives looking for that specific thing they enjoy more than anything else. But if you set your mind to it, the thing you’re passionate about can become the thing you do everyday.

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