Siblings…They Influence Us

We asked a variety of students at BHS and it turns out our older siblings have a lot of influence on us in many different ways. One way that stood out to us was, maybe just maybe, our older siblings influence who we hangout with, rather it’s male or female. Yes, there are loop holes to everything and some people have different opinions. We did some research and found that female students with older brothers, tend to hangout with or have more guy friends. Girls who have older sisters, tend to hangout with or have more girls who are friends. I also figured out that students with both an older brother and older sister hangout with a majority of one gender, it varied between rather they were male or female.

I asked many guys if their older siblings had some sort of influence on rather they hangout with girls or guys, and a major majority stated that they felt it didn’t matter rather they had an older sister or an older brother, or even both. They still have about an equal amount of female and male friends. This might be silly but it’s brought realization that older siblings influence younger siblings more then they tend to know.

Michaela Glunz

I am 17, a junior in high school. Music is my life, I value my friends and family and wouldn't give them up for the world.

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