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Lake Charlotte is one of the most popular location for students to go to not only in the summer, but also in the winter. It has been a privelege for Junior Hannah Studee, who has lived on Lake Charlotte her whole life.

“One of my favorite things to do is to go boating in the summer,” said Studee.

Lake Charlotte is more or less a residential lake. Seeing people tubing wake boarding and skiing on the lake is an everyday thing.

“I also really like to have friends over.” Studee owns a small cabin right next to her house. The cabin is mostly used for sleep overs when Hannah and her brother Sam have people over.

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As well as Studee, Senior Madi Jewell has lived on lake Charlotte her whole life. Her house is more unique then most on the lake, with a full sand yard and the closest house to water.

“I like my house cause it what you picture a beach house to look like,” said Jewell.  The Jewells enjoy boating and having bonfires in the summer and in the winter months, the Jewels make an outdoor rink on the ice.

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Many students also reside in Hanover and have to make the long trek to the high school.

Junior Cole Shuherk’s home is located in Hanover. Shuherk’s basement includes a popcorn maker, full kitchen, pool table, and a 100 inch screen projector hooked up with full cable. “I like living in Hanover cause a lot of my friend’s houses are in Hanover so sometimes it is easier living here, than if I was to live in Buffalo,” said Shuherk.

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