Free the Pits

Girls are expected to smell like flowers and rainbows, but that’s just not the case anymore. Believe it or not, girls actually sweat, just as much as boys in fact! Sweating has been happening since dinosaurs, but what hasn’t been happening is women using men’s deodorent. So how did this start?

“I started using men’s deodorent because I sweat like a man, and it’s necessary.  I actually started using it in 6th grade, because of my Hyperhydrosis.  My favorite brand is Old Spice Sport and I also use my perscription deodorent (but that usually gives me a rash),” says junior Alexandra Kurre.

In our generation girls are starting to do things differently, countless times girls have talked about over production from the sweat glands. But, there is a cure.. for some.

Junior Hannah Studee says “I use Dove Men Care (extra fresh).  Women’s deodorent smells gross, I don’t like it.  I started using it when my younger brother hit puberty, the smell is so much better.”

So what is the male take on this situation?

“It’s fine. It smells better than girl deodorent anyways, I get tired of smelling flowers,” explains junior Jordan Thielman.

Girls, you don’t have to be embarassed about your sweaty pits anymore, there is a solution. Try using men’s deodorent, it might be a life-changer. If not, you’re screwed.

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