The Bowls are Slumped, Are you ready?

slump bowl hoofprint pic

Thursday, May 28th BHS will be holding a Silent Slump Bowl Auction along with the Art Show followed by the Choir Concert. The silent auction will be taking place from 6:30-7:10pm. Featured in auction is a wide range of variety. They are all personal works of art! Several students got the great opportunity to work with Discovery Elementary School students in creating slump bowls that will also be up for bidding. The highest bid takes the bowl home. All proceeds will go to VSA Arts of MN that is a non-profit group that promotes the arts for individuals with disabilities. Holtz stated ” I’ve been doing the slump bowl auction/ art show for about 18 years. Its going to be a great night!” Posters are hung all around BHS hallways and ceramic students have handouts if you interested! Everyone is welcome. Come check out the art show and place bids on the ceramic slump bowls.

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Michaela Glunz

I am 17, a junior in high school. Music is my life, I value my friends and family and wouldn't give them up for the world.

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