One weekend soon, you’ll have your last young and wild Friday night with the strangers that turned into close friends and nights that turned into morning.

People that you’ve made a million and one memories with, you’ll be standing side by side in alphabetical order. Like you once did on the way to the bathroom. Only this time is the last time, in a purple cap and gown.

A lot of those people you’ll never see or hear from ever again. They’ll slowly start to slip away from your fingertips.  Until, one day you’re forced to remember many classmates that were tried so hard to forget, the people you have observed you at your best moments and at your worst. The peers who watched you grow and changed as well as you have watched them do the same.

One day you’ll hit snooze one last time, you’ll get a quick taste of the future, and it will taste a whole lot better than anything that was ever served in the cafeteria.  You’ll be taking your last high school tests and you’ll have that last fire drill.

One day you’ll close your locker one last time and walk out those back doors with your head up.

This is a new beginning, this is the start to the next chapter. Good luck, high school is finished.

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Cassondra Swatzke

I'm Cassie Sawatzke, 18 yrs old.

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