Winter is… Over?

Most Minnesotans are used to the bipolar temps that happen all year round and tend to get a little too excited when some warm weather rolls around. It is no shock that one weekend the high will be 70 degrees and the next weekend it’s snowing. Sunday, March 15 welcomed a shocking high of 66 degrees and even 70 all across the state. Everyone was asking “will this last?” Some hopes seemed to have shattered the weekend after (Sunday, March 22nd) when the high was 30 degrees and.. SNOW? The first day of Spring was Fri, March 20th, and snow is not what most people had in mind.

“I hate the snow, it makes my hair wet,” said Freshman Abby Serbus

Many other students are feeling the same way at this time of year. Good news though, it looks to be like that was (hopefully) the last snowfall of the season, which is much better compared to last year when we still saw traces of snow as late as May, 28th. The forecast seems to be looking up from here, with temps warming up during spring break. The Tuesday of spring break shows a high of 68 and sunny, while the low for the week is an estimated 46 degrees. Many students can’t wait to break out the shorts and sandals, and it looks like we are getting closer.

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