What Is The Lifting Competition?

Walking in the Monticello high school field house, seeing guys and girls all different sizes practicing and mentally preparing to do their best. The jitters and nerves are building up, waiting for the competition to start. Weighing in determines what group you’re in with the close to the same weight. St.Michael, St.Francis, Big Lake, Monticello and Buffalo all in the Lifting Competition. Once you figure out what weight section you’re in, they split up the groups again. One big group hang cleans and the other groups benches. When you get to where you need to go, you get five minutes of practice. They blow the whistle for the competition to begin. The judge Starts out with a certain weight depending on with weight section you’re in. Get three tries to do your max bench, if you can’t do the full bench you’re out and go to the registration table to give them your best weight you can bench. They call off weight amount, and when you want to bench that certain amount you tell them and they get that amount on the bar and bench only one time with that weight. Then you do that same thing for the next two tries as well.  When your whole group is done with all their three tries, have to wait until the other group is finished to switch. Once they finally switch they get another five minutes to practice and get ready for the next station(hang clean). Hang cleaning is the almost the same as benching. The judge calls off the amount of weight and goes up by five every time until someone says they want to hang clean that amount. They all cheer them off to help that person to get up and do the full lift. They get three tries to hang clean as well. Once their done with their three tries they go back to the registration table and give them your best score. Now they wait for everyone to be done and see where they are ranked in there group. The top 3 in your group get medals or ribbons.

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