Drinking Age: 18?

In the 1980’s a law was passed to set the drinking age to 21 to lower the rate of drunk driving accidents.  Still, today the drinking age is 21, however there has been contemplation on whether the drinking age should be lowered to 18.  This law is being considered to lower the amount of college rape.  American 18 year olds have the right to marry, buy guns, and join the military.  So, why not be able to drink?  We asked students at BHS their opinion on this topic.

“I think it’s debatable, because people drink before they’re 21 already so why not,” says senior Abby Becker (who is 18).  “It could be problematic, there are 18 year olds that could buy alchohol for younger kids (like freshman).  It could turn into more “party-central”, this would cause students to have to be more responsible.”

Though it could cause problems, could it actually be a positive thing?

“It would actually be better. When people are 18, they will wait because it will only be one year or so away.  They wont have to risk getting in trouble, and there won’t be such a rush” says junior Luke Merz. “It could cause problems because not everybody is responsible enough, and that could affect the school negatively.”

Despite the good and the bad, nothing is set in stone about this possible upcoming law.

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