Animals on Instagram

People think its weird to have animals on Instagram, but some think people thinks its cool. A lot of famous people have their pets on Instagram with thousand of followers.

When people see that animals on Instagram have more followers, and get more like on pictures then them, they tend to get mad because its just a dog.

Sammy Johnson, a senior, made an Instagram for her dog Peppie, “I love my dog, and I thought the world should she pictures of her.” said Sammy Johnson ” I sometimes get made fun of for it, but I don’t care.”

“I made mine, because my volleyball teammates had one, and I thought it would be funny to make one for my dog too so I did.” said Junior Emma Simonson

“I think its cute that they love their animals so much, and how they want other people to see them, but sometimes it gets out of hand, and they do it for the fame.” said Junior Ezmae Stevens

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Sabrina Kumlin

"Is mayonnaise and instrument?"-Patrick Star

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