As Guida steps into Activities Director Role, is this a New Era for Boys’ Basketball?

With this years basketball season nearing the end of the year there is one question about the team. Who is going to coach the team next year?

Boys’ Basketball Head Coach Nick Guida and Activities Director Tom Bauman have taken new roles at BHS. Bauman has taken the Project Manager role for the referendum that passed last fall and Guida will be taking over his job as the Activities Director.

There’s always an end to everything and I really don’t think that my end is near right now for coaching football or basketball – Nick Guida

Guida has built a reputation as a basketball coach, with a State victory in 2007 and a return visit to the tournament last season. As he changes positions, students have wondered if this marks the end of his coaching career. Guida said those assumptions may be too hasty. He’s not ruling out a return to the sidelines next season.

“That was one of the questions and concerns that I had moving into this role is will I be able to do that,” Guida said. “I don’t know that I would have slid into this role if I wasn’t able to coach football or basketball next year so I think that we are going to work through it accordingly and Mr. Bauman is still around in our school district so he’s able to help out when it’s appropriate and I’m not in any place where I am ready to leave the sideline of a sporting venue whether it is football or basketball. There’s always an end to everything and I really don’t think that my end is near right now for coaching football or basketball because of how much I enjoy with working with the kids in both those venues but if there is a time and a place where those things will come to an end we will make sure that the appropriate people will take over for those duties.”

“As Mr. Bauman has in moved into the Project Manager role they don’t know exactly what the time frame for that is going to be through six months, it could be nine months, it could be a year, it could be two years so it’s kind of open ended right now,” said Guida

Guida said there have been a lot of positives in his new job as activities director. He said he sees a different side of the school.

“Getting to see the other programs and how they operate is very interesting to me,” Guida said, “as I move into the other side of things, I am excited to work with different activities and the arts that we have in our school, along with coaches and kids. There are a lot of great kids that are in our building, and providing  the best experience for them is a great thing to be a part of.”

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