Does School Begin Too Early?

You know how in the morning when we get to school and ¾ of the school walks around like zombies? Well, according to board member Pam Miller it’s been brought up a few times considering having secondary school start later than 7:45am.

Some schools around us start later than we do. Which include, Maple Lake, Annandale, and Monticello. They do this because studies have shown that staggering start times may not be such a bad idea if it’s going to increase academic performance. They have found that delaying start times increases standardized test scores by at least 2 percent. But what does this mean for Buffalo High School?

“We have started some preliminary exploration and discussions with the administrative team but we have not made any recommendations to our school board yet.” Says Miller.

“After reviewing some of the research this past fall on adolescent sleep and the association of factors with secondary school start times, we then formed a small subcommittee of administrators to continue the discussion and exploration. It is so early in the process that I am unable to answer any of your other more specific questions, since we haven’t even gotten to those topics. We are still reviewing research and articles and gathering information from the University of MN, who has been very involved in a comprehensive study.” Stated Miller.

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