Does Making Your Bed Really Matter?

The strangest thing I have ever researched, but nonetheless an interesting topic that is eye opening. In my research I found out about an amazing book and an awesome feng shui expert plus blogger!

Karen Kingston is a space clearing, renowned feng shui expert, blogger, and best selling author of best selling books like the groundbreaking Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui.  Kingston did an interview with Refinery29.com and in her feng shui language answered the question. Does making your bed really matter?

“When you leave your bedding in a messy heap, you can tend to muddle through the day until it’s time to fall back in to bed again. It’s good to peel back the covers to air your bedding for a few minutes each morning before making your bed, but leaving it that way all day doesn’t air it much more!” said Kingston.

So, leaving your bed in a big pile of sheets and blankets can put you into a confused and dazed state. Coming home to a nice made bed that you can “peel back” when you’re ready for bed could make you feel accomplished.

“Taking this to an even deeper level, people with structure get things done. They are able to navigate life’s challenges, find solutions, and achieve great things. They are people of will. Conversely, people who lack structure can often be buffeted about by the winds of change, and tend to wonder how to find more fulfillment,” said Kingston, “Begin small and work your way up to great acts of will, which are sure to have a resounding effect in every aspect of your life,” says Kingston,

People of will are people of structure and get things done in their day. People who don’t tend to need to find fulfillment in their day. Starting small with these ‘acts of will’ might step you into a direction of fulfillment and achieving your goals in your day, life. Still, we need the answer if making our bed in the morning could give us a sense of fulfillment and make us be structured people?

“So, can making your bed really make a difference? When you do it with the express intention of creating a more structured start and end to your day, it most certainly can,” said Kingston.

Weather you believe Kingston or the science behind it,  just try it for yourself for a few weeks and see the results.

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Emily Vogt

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