This Weather Sucks!

The amount of snow and rain that we had last year was outstanding. Tom Bauman, our athletic director, didn’t think so.  Last year we had snow that went all the way up to the first of May, and it took quite some time for the snow to melt.  Buffalo got over three feet of snow last year and this year we are almost pushing six feet.

If the weather keeps up this week with the constant rain, this will add more changes and cancellations, pushing over 200 changes for this years spring sports. These changes are varied from umpires, track workers, lacrosse officials, etc

“The amount of High School sports cancelled in Buffalo is going to beat last years amounts,” said Bauman. “I thought this could never ever happen.”

A majority of the kids who are playing for Buffalo High School are hating all this rain.  Usually their games and practices are getting cancelled, and the games they do have to play are on the wet, rainy, cold fields.

“Being in track and having to run outside on the windy and rainy days is pretty miserable,” said Junior Reed Morehouse.

“Play golf is not the funnest thing in the whole world but it gives me a challenge on working with the wind,” said Junior Gunnar Goodmanson.

Minnesota weather has been up and down, from 70 degrees and sunny to 35 degrees and chances of snow all within a weeks span.  Keep your head up who knows what will await ahead of us.

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