Buffalo in the Courtyard

“If the courtyard is going to be used for something, it needs to be supervised by a teacher, and teachers have keys to get into the courtyard.”

“It’s pretty much open, I mean they should probably check in with an administrator before we use it. Touch base with Mr. Mischke maybe. I think a lot of people use the courtyard for a lot of different reasons,” says Mr. Guida.  “I think we should get a little baby Buffalo and put him out there and let him roam and graze out there. Wouldn’t that be awesome if we had a real live Buffalo?”

“We have our FFA group that is growing stuff for it. You know we can raise hay right here and put hay for him, build a shelter for him. It would be awesome. I like Buffalos.”

“We’d have to train him not to run through the windows. We could have invisible fencing inside there with the Buffalo and have a huge collar for him. Just thought it’d be fun. It’d be awesome to have a real live Buffalo,” says Guida.

Elizabeth Marttinen

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: The only thing in life that you have to do, is die. So, until then, you don't have to really do anything, except maybe pay taxes, but that doesn't count.....I don't think. And you probably don't actually really care to read about me, but I will tell you something anyway. Way back in the ancient times, before there was such things as Facebook and fast internet and stuff, I used to play house and make forts in cardboard boxes. Sometimes I wish that I had never done that, because now I have to actually live in one. And lets just say that the first experience was much better.

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