High School; A Freshman’s Perspective

For a freshman the first day of high school could probably be the most intimidating day of your life. Going from a middle school setting to a high school setting is a big jump for everyone and not all of the freshmen were quite ready to make that jump.


“I was expecting to have way more homework and the classes to be extremely hard but they made the transition from 8th to 9th grade really easy and not much is different,” said freshman Gabbie Przekurat.


“I was petrified the first day walking into the school,” said freshman Blake Gleason.


“I really thought that classes were going to be really hard but it doesn’t really differ from the way they worked us at St. Francis, if anything they worked us harder at St. Francis to prepare us. It was hard though to come from a class of 16 to a class of 500,” said freshman Allie Swearingen.


“I wasn’t nervous at all,” claimed freshman Andrew Zeiss.


The intimidation of the upperclassmen can also play a role in being nervous to start at the high school.


“I thought that the seniors were going to be super rude and scary but, they aren’t at all,” said freshman Avery Sonju.


“I thought that all the upperclassmen were going to be like “oh, you’re just a little freshman” but, they really leave me alone except I get harassed by Dallas Perkins and Jake Huston a lot,” said freshman Alyssa Englund.

“On class color day I was so scared to be wearing yellow! The seniors were especially scary that day,” said freshman Becky Barter


Tv shows and movies can give an unrealistic expectation as well.


“I thought that there was going to be fights in every hall everyday. It seems to happen in other schools just not here at Buffalo,” said freshman Noah Evans.

“I had a really weird feeling I was going to lose all my friends!” said freshman Lauren Farniok.

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