Prom Security

Rumors of prom security have been spreading like wildfire throughout this school. Words like “Airport security” are being tossed around left and right. In an earlier hoofprint story on the snow daze dance Activities Director Tom Bauman mentioned this, “Kids get that we are really tight at prom, almost like you are going through an airport.”

The truth on the security is that there really is no truth to it. Our school does not control the activity of the law enforcement of the venue. The police department in that area are in control of the security part. Our administration can search purses and busses and do simple procedures as such to prevent tobacco, alcohol, and weapons being brought into the dance and pull aside any persons under suspicion. That student will be dealt with accordingly by our administration and the law enforcement on hand if need be.

As for everyone getting breathalyzed and searched, that doesn’t seem to be the case so everyone can stop spreading the crazy rumors. The Medina police may breathalyze you or search you if they have probable cause. Buffalo Administration has said they haven’t had many problems in the past at prom and don’t expect there to be any difference this year.

“Kids usually behave and don’t typically drink before hand because of all the money that is put into the night,” said Assistant Principal Kris Thompson.

Something you may want to pay attention to is the after party. Buffalo Police will know that May 3rd is the night of prom. So stay safe and have fun.

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