Who buys a year book anyway?

Well the answer is just about everybody!  Over two thirds of the school orders yearbooks.  Last year 1250 were sold, and this year the number is already at 1100 and projected to meet or even exceed last year’s sales.

At $75 dollars a pop, you might think that the numbers would be lower.  In fact, cost is the main reason students don’t purchase a year book.  But with over 200 pages and in full color, many argue that the precious memories are worth the price, especially to those who helped create it.  And it’s hard to argue that yearbooks don’t preserve precious memories for years to come.  Whether those memories are good or bad.

Freshman Jim Ostvig says he is going to get one so he will be able to look back at his failures and laugh.   Others wish to look back and feel nostalgic for the past and wallow in the realization that they peaked too early and they will never be that young and free again.  Ahem. Sorry.

Anyways, you would think today with phones that can talk to you and a 16 year old finding the cure to cancer every other day, why would people spend $75 on memories?  I have no idea.  Ask someone more qualified.  Regardless, this year’s yearbook is sure to be a work of art. So pick up an order form from the front office.  Time is running out!

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Max Nagel

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