Why People Get Ear Piercings

Most girls have about one piercing on each ear, but others may have many more.  Ear piercings are the oldest form of body modification and have been popular around the world at least once.  In America earrings first started out as clip ons but then people became more adventurous and started to pierce their own ear with a needle.  Now girls can go to a piercing parlor to get their ear professionally pierced.

Years ago people got their ear pierced because it could show that they had power or that they belonged to a certain group; but now the meaning for someone to get their ear pierced has changed.  Someone could get their ear pierced because they want to, it looks good, or it could symbolize something.

According to Clinical Nursing Research about 62% of people get their ears pierced just because it “express their individuality”.

“When I go to get my ear pierced it does make me feel like an individual,” said Senior Kelley Vassar. “ and it proves that I can make my own decisions without my parents.”

Beside just making your own decision about getting your ear pierced you are also making a decision to have a permanent hole in your ear.  The only way the piercing wouldn’t be permanent is to take the earring out within a few days of getting it done.  Otherwise the ear will be healed and then the hole wouldn’t go away.

“…before I get a piercing I start to doubt if I should get it,” Vassar said. “ because it’s permanent and do I still want that when I’m 70?  But once I get my ear pierced I am happy that I did.”

So in the end ear piercings people can get ear piercings for any reason either to look good or that it symbolizes that the person is an individual.

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