What Do Secretaries Actually Do?

Secretaries…what the heck do they do? Besides call students down to the office and write students pink and green slips to classes?

“Each secretary has different areas they handle, we just follow the rules the school gives us,” said Nancy Nelson.

But isn’t there a stereotype that comes with being a secretary? Secretaries seeming intimidating or just downright mean.

“I deal with attendance issues and whoever comes in here; parents, guests. We’re really here for the kids, we’re not mean,” said Bette Matteson.

When hearing all the things that secretaries do day to day, it sounds like there is a team of superhero secretaries helping eachother out, getting done what needs to get done.

“When it gets busy and unusual things happen down here we work together, and we really count on each other for that,”said Nelson. “Barb Macintosh has a whole different area of things she does for Mr. Bauman.”

Don’t think though that kids can’t still be annoying, even though we are great!

“I love it because the kids are so great. Even the chronic tardies… they’re fun, you know they’re good people,” said Nelson.

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