Sexy, Free, and… Single?

As you go through your high school career, one of the many factors being a student is the drama, and excitement of perhaps being in a relationship. Attempting to pile all the responsibilities that have been shouldered onto you while at the same time trying to get to know, and ultimately love another person who could be going through the same things schoolwise sounds like it could be a challenge.

With all those added elements you’d think the right decision would be to back off and allow other students to go through boyfriends and girlfriends. Is it the smart thing? Or is sharing the experience with someone you care about more important, and could it possibly make things just a little bit easier that you have someone you can relate to.

From certain individual’s point of view it could be plain and simple, a black or white answer, as from the perspective of someone who has been in the business of teaching for twelve years. Special Ed teacher, and head wrestling coach Jason Maurer feels exactly that way. With the ban of any type of “canoodling” is his class he has a very clear opinion about high school student relationships.

“I think that if the individuals involved are genuine it can be okay, but sometimes they can get a little too clingy and they think their gonna get married.” Maurer explains.

“I’ve seen plenty of them dissipate after high school, going to college opens many peoples eyes to things, and people they didn’t have access to living in one town their whole life.

“They run into new people they’ve never met before, they’re lucky to last the summer after high school is over, thats just the way it works. It’s rare for anyone to marry their high school sweetheart anymore.”

But when asked the same question, and given the statement Maurer had given, what does an actual student’s perspective sound like? Do they agree with Maurer’s statement? Or do they think that’s too general of a way to describe high school relationships as a whole?

The answer given by the students asked was almost the exact opposite.

From a different perspective, and opinion to Maurer’s statement. There were students, as awkward as this conversation can be, who thought his views on the relationships of students in recent years was very different from six, let alone twelve years ago.

“I don’t think a lot about high school dating,” says Freshman Connor Black. “It’s alright if other kids do it, but I think it’s stupid. Especially if people are all over each other in the hallways.”

“Well, I’m pretty neutral about high school relationships.” Junior Kristin Jurgens jumps in, shooting a glare at Black.

“But I don’t agree with Maurer, a lot of people can be together and love each other for a long time, even if they’re still in school. It’s really sweet.”

It’s obvious, from the limited answers recorded from either side of the spectrum, that everyone feels differently about loving someone at a young age. Whether you be skeptical, or a closet romantic, it’s your decision.

“Love each other or perish.” – W. H. Auden

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