Tradgey Strikes St.Louis Park, what if it struck Buffalo?

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On February twenty seventh a St. Louis Park seventh grade middle school student, Abdullahi Charif, drowned in his schools’ pool. This isn’t something that happened here in Buffalo, nor near here, but I got to thinking in some altered universe, what if a student did drown here in our district?

“It would be really sad, but they can’t look at everybody,” said sophomore Maria Zimmerman.

“It would be tragic and sad. I think they would have to increase lifeguards because when I was swimming there Sunday the lifeguards were sitting there talking with their friends and not even caring about the little kids in the pool,” said sophomore Shelby Wampler.

Having a student drown would be a tragic, but what would happen with the trust between student, parents to the school district or even that teacher who lost the student on his/or her watch?

“There needs to be more than one person watching,” said Zimmerman.

“I would feel bad for them cause they would blamed. It would probably take me a little while granted I know how to swim, but it would take a little while,” said Wampler.

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Emily Vogt

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