Sarcasm, or Scandal?

Reid Sagehorn a Senior at Rogers Mn, High School, a Captain of the Football and Basketball team has been accused of sending a sarcastic tweet confirming allegations made that he did inappropriate relations with a Gym Teacher at Rogers High School. Students at Buffalo shared their opinions.

“I think that it is cool that the community is working together to get him back in school,” said Senior Josh Robinson.” Because he got suspended for a stupid reason.”

“I dont think that he should be expelled I think that he was just being kind of sarcastic,”said Sophomore Mariah Hovland.” So I don’t think that it should be as big of a deal as people are making it.”

“There is probably a lot of thing that people don’t know,” said Sophomore Ben Zitur. “Like honestly everyone just assumes that they can expel somebody for nothing they have to have the facts.”

“I think he just should have apologized in the beginning and I think if he would have apologized for saying his sarcastic comment or whatever it was that he had made that everyone was so upset about,” said Junior Jessica Gabrelcik. “I think that his punishment would have been a lot less severe and it would have been a lot less harsh because he would have been accepting what he has said. Even if he thought that it was just a joke, it wasn’t a joke to her (the teacher), if he would have sent a sincere apology to her I think things would have been more lenient I think its been taken too far.”

“I think it’s a good thing he is expelled because you cannot just joke about that stuff,” said Sophomore Emma Simonson.

“I just think you have to be so careful on what you put on social media because it can be interpreted so many different ways,” said Junior Michaella Magaard. “We don’t know exactly what’s going on because we hear opinions for students.”

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