The Happiest Classroom in the School

When you think of a classroom happiness probably doesn’t always come to mind but, in Mrs. Greeley/Haugh’s classroom it’s a different story. Greeley teaches algebra 1.5, geometry, trigonometry and, architectural geometry. Every student that has been in her classroom has left happier than before.

“I believe that it is a choice to be happy. I try to never be negative and I want to always have a positive impact on the world. If I was in a bad mood I wouldn’t show it.”  said Greeley. “I don’t want to ruin someone elses day because of my bad mood.”

Students don’t always agree with their teachers or necessarily like them.

“I know that I learned best when the person I was being taught from was caring and respecting. By knowing that, I show my students respect and I show that I care. I always want to remain positive.” Greeley said.

Maintaining a good attitude is not always an easy thing.

“I’m very fortunate to have been raised the way I was and I know that there are some kids who are not given that fortune, so I just am always thankful for that.” said Greeley.

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