Jake Huston Making the Most of “Minnesnowta”

Though a majority of us persevering Minnesotans will describe these four, frigid months as the worst time of the year, Junior Jake Huston will undoubtedly call it paradise. For the past 5 winters, Huston has often been seen shredding the slopes of local ski resort, Powder Ridge.

“I get a season pass every year, so I like to get my money’s worth out of it” says Huston.

In fact, Huston recalls one season where he went a total of 82 times. This kind of dedication is usually followed up with a love for competition, but Huston says otherwise.

“I hate the stress and nervousness that came with competing, and I’m fine with that,” says Huston. “I’d rather just go to have fun and relax. I do it to get my mind off things, and to tell you the truth, competition kind of ruins that.”

With Huston’s lack of competition there comes a lot of free time. He often finds himself in search for different, more challenging slopes, and was recently fortunate enough to visit Park City Ski Resort in Utah.

“14 inches of powder is a little different kind of riding than what Powder Ridge has to offer,” says Huston. “Besides that, I also got to ride in a different terrain park, and practice some tricks in other ways.”

With snowboarding being Huston’s favorite activity, he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Reed Morehouse

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