The BHS Breakfast Club

Every Friday morning, 8-10 students from Buffalo High School get in their cars and head to Perkins, a local restaurant and bakery. They arrive at 6:00 and sit down in their regular arrangement; two tables pushed together. Their waitress, Maryanne, heads over to take their order. When Senior Dylan Triplett orders “the usual”, she knows exactly what he wants. He’s been coming to this weekly event since he was in eighth grade.

“There was this one guy,” Triplett remembers. “He would come in the night before, sleep in the booth, and then wake up when the rest of us came at 5.”

perkinsThe Breakfast Club started around ten years ago, but back then it started at 5:00 a.m. This is the first year they’ve set it for later in the morning.

“I go there to carry on the tradition,” says Junior Sami Manick. “And to eat pancakes.”

This group used to be only members of the music department, but over the years it has grown to involve anyone who would like to come. Just show up, you’ll know which corner to come to.

“On the last day of school we go to Perkins at like midnight, and stay awake til school starts,” laughs Triplett. “Then we go play Frisbee golf.”

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