A New Phenomenon: Cold Days

Flurries fly and the wind howls. That is what makes up Minnesota winters. What every high school student waits for is the call saying that due to poor weather conditions, school is canceled. Bouts of frigid temperatures have filled the forecast and because of this, there has been a new phenomenon this year, cold days. Of the four days that school was canceled, all of them were due to the extreme cold.

Superintendent Scott Thielman was asked what conditions needed to be present to warrant a snow/cold day.

“If the wind chill is in the 10 minute frostbite time frame,” said Thielman, “school will be delayed and could be cancelled.”

On the other hand, snow days, which we are more accustomed to, are based on road conditions throughout the district.

French teacher Jason Swanson is known for keeping track of Buffalo’s late starts, cancelations, and early dismissals.“We have had several late starts due to cold wind chill in the mornings,” said Swanson, “but no other full days in the last 18 years that I am aware of […]”

With this new trend of getting school called off for the severe cold, many students are hoping for an extra warm summer.

“I don’t think our spring is going to come any earlier,” said Junior Anna Demgen, “but I think our summer will be much hotter.”

With snow still covering the ground, the dream of rising temperature is common, but will it get any warmer? Only the wait will tell.

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