Homecoming Football Victory

Friday September 25th was the Homecoming Football Game for the Buffalo Bison. After a long, eventful week at the high school many students were anxious and excited for the game, where they could show off their “purple pride” and school spirit. The game ended in a strong win for the Bison, against the Monticello Magic, with the score being 28-0.

“The game literally ties the whole week together, its great when everyone just piles in to watch it.” said Junior Morgan Lubben.
Lubben along many other students were tailgating in the parking lot before the football game. Various groups were making food such as Homecoming King Billy Ogdahl who could be seen cooking steaks in the rain, while another group sat under a tarp grilling hot dogs.
Hundreds of people were present at the game, equipped with umbrellas after dodging the rain all day. Although the rain stopped just in time for the game to begin. The Pep Band was able to be in attendance, as was the cheer leading squad, all contributing to the atmosphere of the game.
With a pre-game meal of Buffalo Wild Wings the team was ready and anxious for the first kick off at seven o’clock.
“I’m really excited for tonight, it’s all I’ve been able to think about. But, in a way, its kinda sad thinking its my last homecoming game.” said Senior Rex Schneider.

The first points in the game were from Senior Captain Josh Gaughan after his touchdown in the first quarter. This was followed by another touchdown from Sophomore Colton Haight after working his way to the end zone by running through the other teams defensive line. Adding to the score, Gaughan was able to score another touchdown in the second quarter. Towards the end of the third quarter Senior Captain Aaron Duske intercepted a pass, and ran for a touchdown, adding another six points to the score the teams. Throughout the four quarters defense contributed a great amount, having no points scored against them the entire game. This game also contributed to Head Coach Gerard Rohl’s winning record while he’s been at Buffalo High School, that game being his 101 win. With a current record of three wins and one loss for this season the Bison football teams next game will be away, where they will take on the Becker Bulldogs on Friday, October 2nd.
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