Thanks for your keys

“In the real world nobody takes your car keys, they’ll fire you If you’re late all the time,” said Assistant Principal Kris Thompson.

The school gives  many options and offers to get to school on time, but unfortunately some kids just can’t get here on time.

“ They just need to be on time. We offer to call them and wake them up in the morning, they don’t really want that to happen. We offer to get on the bus if their car just doesn’t start every time, we do a lot of offering before they turn in their keys and make up time and most of the time honestly they change their behavior, but some kids don’t and I don’t want to reinforce negative behaviors that are going to get you in trouble in the real world.” Said Thompson. “Our goal is to get everybody to class on time because the teachers appreciate it so they can get class going, students get irritated when kids come in late because there is that follow up time when the teacher is repeating and redoing and missing time to hand in homework and our teachers really insist and were very supportive of getting all the kids here to school on time. Most kids are here on time. I mean you think about it we have 1850 kids in the building there is maybe eight to ten kids that maybe abuse it. Most kids are to school on time and being on time is lifetime skills. You go to work on time, you show up to appointments on time, just that being on time piece is important, it’s the habitual piece. It’s kinda ridiculous when you’re tardy a fourth of the time.”

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