Balancing Fun and Academics

Students squeeze through the small hallway leading down to the gym, for some they are going to a phy- ed based bison time, but for Junior Kirsten Olson she is going to the new bison time balance club instructed by science teacher James Didier.

“Balancing on exercise balls in my bison time is very fun, “said Junior Sydney Driver. “But I am looking forward to the unicycling and slacklining as well.”

Didiers bison time is jammed packed with good vibes and a few different activities, slacklining, unicycling, and getting your balance on an exercise ball.

“I have lots of fun with the people around me and everyone tends to have a smile on there face,” said Driver. ” It’s nice that no one laughs at you when you fall.”

Its not the average Bison time study, its interacting with the people around you and working your core by getting a little exercise in, at the end of the day.  Didier got interested into unicycling in high school, and throughout college at the U of M.

“I learned how to slackline in college,” said Didier. “The U of M offered a slacklining club where I met a various amount of different but unique people that I got along with.”

Slacklining is a rope tied to two points, with a little slack down the middle, making the rope to tend to be a little bouncy.  There is high lines and water lines, high lines are higher up in the air and water lines are over water.  It takes a lot balance and core strength to get across the thin rope that is moving back and forth, along with up and down.

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