Seniors get their ‘Got to Be Me’ books back

Got to Be Me books are available to pick up until the end of the year. The books have been a part of every eighth graders homework for as long as anyone can remember. Some responses surprise seniors even though they’re not profound.

“I think the things I wrote were funny. I wrote about how I hate dry cheeseburgers. I stated that when you’re done eating a good cheeseburger, your hands should be covered in juice,” said Senior Austin Brandes.Got to be me

Some students didn’t think that their books were worth picking up.

“I haven’t gotten my Got to Be Me book because I don’t think I’ll care about what I wrote. I didn’t spend very much time writing it in Middle School.

Seniors who did pick up the books were surprised by what they read.

“I thought I had changed so much from eighth grade but, I am still the same person,” said Senior  Maddie Kuhlman.

The voices telling stories in prompts tell a lot about the author.

“I was surprised that what I wrote still sounded like  me,” said Senior Tori Tonn.

Senior Jackson Schepp thought it was worth getting.

“Even though I didn’t take writing my Got to Be Me book seriously, I joked my way through it and reading it was worth a laugh,” said Schepp.

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