Outside at Last

After close to two months in the indoors due to inclement weather, spring sports are finally able to practice and compete outside. During these two months, the softball, baseball, lacrosse, tennis and track team have been forced to share limited space indoors. These conditions caused many negative reactions from the athletes involved.

“It felt like we were stuck in the BAC,” said Track Captain Andrew Mussel. “The repetitiveness was awful, and there was not enough space for all the teams to practice.”

“It almost felt like it wasn’t real,” said Senior┬áJason Senger. “You can’t get any live action inside. Plus you’re limited to a certain space which isn’t fun.”

Now that the weather has subsided a bit, the teams have been released to the outdoors and the athletes are very relieved.

“Being inside the activity center was getting claustrophobic and rustling my jimmies a bit,” said Track athlete Christopher Scott.

“Track is ten times more fun outside,” said Mussel. “There’s so much more space to practice your events.”

Due to the weather many games and events were canceled or postponed. These games are now being made up and the condensed schedule is taking a toll on some of the athletes.

“The busy schedule is horrible,” said Senior Haley Prim. “We had four games this week which doesn’t give your body a chance to recover.”

Even with these drawbacks these students athletes are much happier to be outside every day.

“I’m ecstatic to be outside because it gives us all more freedom. Plus it’s less work,” said Scott.

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