Town Stereotypes

From the typical cliques, to the wandering students with nowhere to go, Buffalo High School has students that come from all different kinds of families that take place in surrounding towns. But do these town’s have reps that categorize the students that come to BHS? 2 out of 3 people believe there are stereotypes with the town’s that come to district 877.

“People perceive Hanover as more of an upper class town, a ‘place where there is money’. Montrose is the poor part of the district.” said Anonymous, “I think Montrose is changing for the better. I also think the trailer-parks take part in a stereotypical problem, people think of them as run down.”

60% of Buffalo High School students say that there are reputations for the different towns in the Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose district. 80% say that Montrose is the poor  run-down part of our district, 70% labeled Hanover as the ‘rich kids’, and 85% of students say Buffalo is the ‘hick’ town.

“Student’s talking to each other, and being involved are what made these stereotypes become of what they are,” said the activity’s director Tom Bauman, “I think the larger homes in Hanover make people think of them as having money.”

The student body majorly believes that there is a separation of students due to where they live ( 75% ). What can BHS do break that habit? Frankly nothing will. Parents have a large effect on students beliefs, as well as their own personal preference. Buffalo high school can become a more involving school, as to including everybody no matter what their background, or living situation is.

Taylor Eakins

17, Senior graduating in 2013 from Buffalo Senior High School. Involved in Softball, Art, and soon to be in college for Psychology. I like to take occasional photography, and working/ writing for the hoofprint.

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