Personalizing Electronics at BHS

“As long as i like it. Its nice if people say they like it, but thats not why i decorate it.” says Junior Sandra Lao.

Whether its stickers, cases, sharpies, charms or some other medium, phones and laptops are being transformed into a personal statement about the owner. Cell phone culture has been growing since phones went from a luxury item to more commonplace, nowadays 82% of women under 18 believe their phone is what people notice first about them according to a survey from Vuclip.

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 “Its definitely a personal expression.” Sandra continues continues.

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The trend of decorating phone cases comes from each person’s different style and inspiration, but the goal is usually to satisfy their own taste, rather than showing off to others. Though many may view phones and their decorations as status, they also seem to be a very personal thing.

“Its just cute.” adds Junior Marissa Meyers.

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